Non-Contentious Commercial Fee Schedule

Contact: Tony del Amo on (01534) 760760 or

                Fiona del Amo on (01534) 760746 or

                Robin Troy on (01534) 760761 or

Trust Instruments

Preparation and formation of:

Declaration of Trust £1000
Declaration of Trust with protector £1000
Discretionary Settlement £1000
Discretionary Settlement with protector £1000
Charitable Trust £1000
Purpose Trust £1500

Miscellaneous Trust Instruments

Preparation of:

Addition of Beneficiary £750
Exclusion of Beneficiary £750
Addition and Exclusion of Beneficiary £900
Appointment of Specific Trusts £900
Change of Proper Law £750
Indemnity £900
Indemnity and Release £900
Revocation £750
Termination £750
Transfer between Trusts £900
Variation £900
Appointment of Trust Fund (all) £900
Appointment of Trust Fund (part) £900
Appointment of Protector £750
Removal / Retirement of Protector £750
Appointment and Retirement of Protector £900
Appointment of Trustee £750
Retirement of Trustee £750
Appointment and Retirement of Trustee £900
Removal and Appointment of Trustee £900
Trustee Resolutions to be agreed


Incorporation of associations under the Loi (1862) sur
teneures en fidéicommis et l’incorporation d’associations £1000

Security Interest Agreements

Preparation of Agreements £750 – £1000

Loan agreements

Preparation of:

Loan agreement £750 – £1000
Assignment of loan agreements £750 – £1000

Guarantee Agreements

Individual/ Corporate £750 – £1000

Indemnity Agreements

Individual/ Corporate £750 – £1000


Company re-instatements (exclusive of disbursements) £1500 – £2000
Company re-domiciliation (exclusive of disbursements) £2500 – £3500
Company mergers (exclusive of disbursements) £3000
Preparation of company Memorandum and Articles of Association £1000 – £1500
Minutes of directors’ meetings/shareholder resolutions to be agreed

Legal opinions

Preparation of legal opinions in respect of Jersey companies/
trustees for the entering into of, inter alia, sale and purchase
agreements (land and other assets), mortgages, rental assignments,
debentures, guarantees, lease agreements and security interest
agreements, etc., inclusive of the preparation of incumbency
certificates and minutes of directors meetings/trustee resolutions) £1500 – £2000
Opinion for the opening of a banking account £1000 – £1500
Opinion for the re-domiciliation of a company outside of Jersey £1500 – £2000

Miscellaneous Agreements

Preparation of:
Share Purchase and Sale agreements to be agreed
Shareholders Agreements to be agreed
Partnership Agreements to be agreed
Sale and Purchase of Business Agreements to be agreed
Consultancy Agreements to be agreed

We reserve the right to adjust our fees upward should our actual billed time be in excess of the quoted fee. We will consult with the client to discuss this, prior to any upward adjustment.