Client Identification – Company

At Le Gallais & Luce we are legally required to obtain identification and verification documents when establishing a client relationship.  Please kindly note that until we have received all necessary supporting information and documentation from you, we will not be able to progress with your work/transaction or accept funds into our client account.

1. Certificate of Incorporation or equivalent*

Please provide a certified copy of the above, which will give evidence of the company name and its official identification number.

*if a company is registered in Jersey or UK we can obtain the document for you:  in case of the Jersey Registry, the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC) applies a charge of £4.00 per document.  Company documents filed with The Companies House Registry in UK are free of charge

2. Extracts from the companies registry in the relevant jurisdictions**

**the information is usually available online, free of charge, we can assist in obtaining the above. 

Certification will not be required if the documents are obtained by us directly from the relevant companies registry.

3. Additional documents

Please provide a certified copy of one of the following:
  1. the audited or tax accounts of the company, no more than 24 months old; or
  2. the constitutional documents for the company (e.g. Memorandum and Articles of Association).

4. Business Information

Please provide details of the following:
  1. the address of the registered office of the company (if different from that shown on the documents provided above);
  2. its main place of business (if different from the registered office);
  3. any trading names; and
  4. the principal business of the company.

5. Ownership of the company

Please provide:
  1. details of the current ownership of the company (e.g. a certified copy of an extract from the register of shareholders);
  2. verification documents for:
  • each entity* directly holding at least 25% of the ownership interest in the company;
  • each individual* holding at least 25% of the ownership interest in the company;
  • each individual* or entity* exercising control of the company e.g. through personal connections, family relationships, or contractual associations;

c)  up to date register of directors for the company; and

d)  CDD for each of the directors*.

*see our guidance regarding our CDD requirements for individuals and trusts. For other entities please contact us.

6. Suitable certifiers

Please note that certified copies must be signed by one of the following, who must state their full name and capacity in which they are signing (self-certification or certification by a family member or close relation is not acceptable):
  1. a member of the judiciary, a senior civil servant, or a serving police or customs officer;
  2. an officer of an embassy, consulate or high commission of the country of issue of documentary evidence of identity;
  3. an accountant, doctor, practicing lawyer or notary public who is a member of a recognised professional body; and
  4. a director, officer or manager of a regulated financial services business which is operating in a well-regulated jurisdiction.

7. Suitable wording of the certification

Please note that the person carrying out the certification must state:
  • “I hereby certify that I have seen the original of this document and that this is a complete and accurate copy of that document.”
Please note where the certification is to confirm the identity of a person it must also confirm:
  • ”I also certify that the photograph contained in this document bears a true likeness to the individual that has requested certification of this document.”
Certifiers need to provide their details, sign and date the certification documents.

More information can be found on our website under Privacy Policy and Data Protection FAQs.