The Gonks on the Loose

How it works …..

First things first – make sure you are following Le Gallais & Luce on all or any of Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn ! This is where the magic will happen!

From Monday 11th December , 5 gonks will be released into town. Each day, one gonk will pop up ready for you to find.

Each of the gonks have been sponsored by one of our wonderful partners in this competition, who are  RomerilsJerseySkinAquaSplashNutrigums and  Bambola. All of the gonks have been named by their sponsor and also have been given an amazing prize to give to the lucky winner who finds them first.

And now for the details on how to play! Each day, at 12pm sharp, we will release a clue on Instagram and Facebook which will give you a hint as to where in St Helier you may find that day’s gonk.

Once you have figured out the clue, you need to make a dash to get to the gonk before anyone else! If no one has made it to the gonk within 60 minutes, we will post a second clue to try and help you guess their whereabouts. And if still the gonk can’t be found, a third and final clue will be released after a further 60 minutes. If the gonk remains unfound, then the prize will be gifted to Brightly.

If you are the one who is quick enough to reach the gonk first – that’s it – you’re the days winner! And what’s more, in true happy gonk style of spreading kindness, Le Gallais & Luce will also be donating £100.00 each time a gonk is found to Brightly. 

Your new gonk will be yours to take home, but first you will need to bring them to our office at 6 Hill Street, St Helier, where you will be able to collect your special prize from your gonk’s sponsor and a Le Gallais & Luce goody bag!

We would love to have a photo of our proud winner and their gonk at the location, which we can then share on our social platforms to let everyone know that the gonk has been found, and the competition for the day has been won!


Since 2020 we continue to support Brightly, predominantly by donating to their Christmas appeal, a very worthwhile cause helping to make Christmas special for children or young people living in residential care or young care leavers and their children in Jersey, together with ad hoc fund raising events such as our Easter Giving Tree.

Brightly is a small, independent charity that provides support and awards grants to children and young people from birth to 25 years who are being looked after in States care or are care experienced, as well as others who are suffering adversity and are in need.  Brightly’s support is intended to create positive experiences and opportunities for children and young people with the aim of helping individuals move towards independence.

Brightly is the latest charity that Le Gallais and Luce has chosen to support and it ties in fantastically well with our ethos of supporting youngsters and nurturing them in order to see their confidence grow and go on to live independent lives.

To find out more visit