Founded in 1928, we have a deep connection with our community and the local charities we support.

Beresford Street Kitchen

Since 2018 Le Gallais and Luce has been a proud supporter of Beresford Street Kitchen (“BSK”) – our chosen charity.  BSK helps people with learning difficulties and autism and provides them with training and employment.  The key focus of BSK is to work with young people in order that they can learn new skills, work in their local community and enjoy the benefits that work has to offer and giving them the opportunity to develop and achieve their goals.

At Le Gallais and Luce we are passionate about nurturing talent and over the years we have had a number of students who come to work at the office during their holiday periods.  The partners at Le Gallais and Luce have observed our students learn, develop new skills and grow in confidence through working at the firm together with gaining valuable practical experience.

Since 1928 the partners of Le Gallais and Luce have realised that the community is at the heart of what we do and over 90 years on we have not changed that ethos – we are your kind of law firm – working to support our community and nurturing talent for the next generation.  This is why we love working with the crew at BSK.

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St Clements Golf Course

For many years Le Gallais and Luce has sponsored the St Clements Golf Course.  We see this as a wonderful opportunity to meet with people in our community and to promote a healthy work life balance.

Each year our commercial team headed by Partner, Tony del Amo hosts an annual golf day at the club in order to raise funds for our chosen charity.  In recent years we have used the crew from Beresford Street Kitchen (“BSK”) to cater for the event in order to strengthen our ties with the charity.

In 2021 we raised over £7,000 at the golf day in support of BSK. Le Gallais and Luce are proud supporters of our community – we are your kind of law firm – helping to nurture talent for the future and promoting a healthy work life balance.

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Royal British Legion

Led by Nicki Brittain from our probate team the staff at Le Gallais and Luce were so inspired by the WI’s display of plastic poppies in the town church grounds in 2018, that we decided to make our own display in commemoration of Armistice Day in 2019.  Over 350 plastic poppies went into the display.  As well as the traditional red poppy, the display included blue flowers to pay tribute to the french nationals among us who lost loved ones during the conflicts, white flowers to pay tribute to those who died in conflicts but emphasising an ultimate commitment to peace and purple flowers to remember animals who sadly lost their lives during the war efforts.

Our original Facebook post reached over 14,000 people, which is truly amazing and it was fantastic that so many people got involved in liking and sharing our post which helped to create a real sense of community spirit and buzz around the whole project.  We are your kind of law firm, supporting our local community and working with great people from charitable organisations in order to support those in need in our community.

In addition to our epic poppy display Nicki also handcrafts poppy pins, badges, necklaces and earrings to help raise funds for the Jersey branch of the British Legion. 

This has been a remarkable effort and a great community achievement and we continue to support the Jersey branch of the British Legion where we can.  In 2020 our stock of handcrafted poppies were donated to the Royal British Legion pop up shop in Queen street due to covid-19 and our offices being closed to the public.

We continue to hang our cascading display of poppies each year to mark Armistice day and many members of the community continue to remark on the epic display. 

In 2021 in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Royal British Legion the staff at Le Gallais and Luce held a poppy inspired bake off and managed to raise £244 for the charity.

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Guide Dogs for the Blind

We have had tremendous fun working with the Jersey Branch of the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association in recent years.  This has been a real office love affair.

In 2016 and 2017 the Wills and Probate Department at Le Gallais and Luce raised in excess of £7,000 for the charity which enabled us to have the opportunity to name our own guide dog puppy.  We were very excited.   In the summer of 2017 we decided to get the community involved with the naming process and ran a competition for the name, the winning name ‘Star’ was selected by the students at Springfield Primary School who in April 2017 had a visit from guide dog Zorro.  We love getting the community involved with projects where we can and working with the students at Springfield School who also have a link to the charity was a great way to achieve this.

In November 2019 we were delighted to hear that our office guide dog named Star passed her guide dog training and has now been placed in the UK with her VIP (visually impaired person).  This was fantastic news to hear and Star has certainly lived up to her name.  Le Gallais and Luce has continued to support Guide Dogs for the Blind, most recently by inviting Guide Dog trainers Richard and Yvonne back into the office to assist with Star’s half-sister, Walnut’s training.

An incredible amount of money, time, effort and heartache goes into training a guide dog but the freedom a companion dog can give to a VIP makes the experience truly worthwhile.

The staff at the office have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this project and our thanks go to Richard and Yvonne for permitting us to be a part of this journey.

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Since 2020 we continue to support Brightly, predominantly by donating to their Christmas appeal, a very worthwhile cause helping to make Christmas special for children or young people living in residential care or young care leavers and their children in Jersey, together with ad hoc fund raising events such as our Easter Giving Tree.

Brightly is a small, independent charity that provides support and awards grants to children and young people from birth to 25 years who are being looked after in States care or are care experienced, as well as others who are suffering adversity and are in need.  Brightly’s support is intended to create positive experiences and opportunities for children and young people with the aim of helping individuals move towards independence.

Brightly is the latest charity that Le Gallais and Luce has chosen to support and it ties in fantastically well with our ethos of supporting youngsters and nurturing them in order to see their confidence grow and go on to live independent lives.

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As Jersey’s oldest law firm we’ve always been at the heart of the community, and have been trusted by the same families and their businesses for over 90 years.